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Max Battery Life
Max Battery Life

We have all encountered that panicked moment when we are away from a power outlet and our cell phone is running out of juice. When the battery capacity falls below 50 % many users begin to feel uneasy.

What can you do to max out your battery life?

Turn down your screen brightness to a usable level. You can always turn it up when you need it. Running a bright screen takes a lot of electrons.

Turn off notications. Everytime you receive one, it turns the screen on.

Turn off Location. Everytime it sends a ping to a tower it uses energy and a lot. You can always turn it on when you need it.

Bluetooth is a great communicator. It uses power because it is always pinging outside devices. If you don’t need it - turn it off.

Messaging Apps. quietly consume your battery, even when you're not using them. They too are constantly checking in with a cell tower or wireless network for new messages. This keeps the power-hungry cellular radio active for a longer period of time. If those Apps. aren't optimized for, Facebook, Twitter, etc, your battery will go south quickly.

Temperature. When it comes to long-term battery life, heat is the great killer. If your device constantly runs hot, you can expect your battery to lose it's power quickly. Keep your phone cool. So, don’t put in the window sill of your car. A solar panel on the back of your cell phone case is not a good idea.

You can turn off your Applications that are open. This will not save much energy but it will increase the available RAM your phone uses.

Your battery capacity is going to taper off no matter what you do. Occasionally, let it run down to zero so that your phone can accurately tell you how much life is left in it. It is called "counting" the columbs and it occasionally needs to cycle between empty and full to obtain accuracy.