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Our Multiple Device Syncing Charger will simultaneously charge 4 combinations of mobile cell phones, iPads and tablets. It will also move data between your mobile device via USB 2.0 @ 480 Mbs to your host computer. A 2 Gig movie takes about 3 minutes. Local syncing is also secure.

(CNN) -- "If you want to keep something private, keep it offline."

From: MIT Technology Review Vol 116 /2

"Today I have on my desk a smart phone, a tablet and a Mac Computer. To move data between them, the request goes all the way to the cloud - God know where that is - so it can come back to another device that is two feet away," says Lixia Zhang, a computer scientist at UCLA, Los Angeles. That is wrong. It is simply wrong."

Dear Lixia- the rest of your writing describes your ideas of having a Name Data Network (NDA) and requesting data by their names rather than IP address which are good ideas pertaining to thinking about the future of mobile and reducing network traffic. However, all you need for local data exchange (those devices two feet away on your desk top) is a $300 C4SC or an iC3 iCharger. Download once to your host, then distribute to your iDevices on your own local cable connected network. It is quick - 480 Mbps, simple and secure. You can charge your mobile devices as well though not at the same time.

The C4 Multiple Device Syncing Charger can be configured with your choice of connector tips. For the newer iPhones and iPads use the Lightning connector, for the older iPhones and iPads use the 30 pin connector dock, for all other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S series use the MicroUSB connector.

Use the drop menu to build your combination of connectors.


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