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A Power Bank Charger for mobile phones & usb devices.

When natural calamities like Harvey and Irma arrive, having backup power for your mobile phone could save your life. Be prepared !!! Power Bank 18000mhr

For essential urban gear, the Power Bank 4000mah is trick. Not only is it flat and small, it also has enough juice to completely recharge smart phones. The cord and the connector tips for both microUSB and the Apple Lightning are built in. Use iPhone charger, a Samsung Galaxy phone charger, tablets, digital camera and other digital devices.

Yesterday, I went to PCB West (a trade show for making printed circuit boards) with a Power Bank 2600mah. I left the house with a low battery charge on my Galaxy S7. While it kept me from running out of battery, it never fully charged my phone. When I got home, I had 14% remaining. So I put the Power Bank 4000mah to task - recharging. It fit nicely behind the body of the S7 with no dangling cords which means next time I can put both the S7 and the credit card power bank in my front pocket while charging. My S7 was fully charged when I woke up. The green LED in the upper left corner was bright.

With the MicroUSB connector tip you can use it as Galaxy Phone Charger. Put the little Lightning converter on and use it as a iPhone Charger.

4000mah means?

mAh means milliamp hours (1000 milliamps = 1 amp). Therefore a 4000 mah battery means 4 amps of total current inside the battery. For most mobile batteries that use lithium cobalt electrodes, this number should be multiplied by .8 or 80% because the phone will shut off and show empty when the battery voltage falls to 3.0 VDC. Therefore, the deliverable current is actually 3200mAh. The shut down voltage of 3 VDC leaves a little charge in the battery for emergency mode as well as enough current so the charging circuit can read the battery.

How do I use a Power Bank 4000mAh?

Unplug the connector tip from it's holder on the case. Plug the connector into your phone or tablet and start charging. If you have an iPhone, there is a lightning connector tip in the adjacent socket.

How do you charge a Power Bank 4000mAh?

Use a wall adapter or USB port and the included mirco USB cable to re-charge your power bank charger.

4000 mah battery how many hours does it take to charge?

It will recharge in 2-3 hours with a 1 amp wall charger.

How long does a Power Bank 4000mAh battery last?

It will provide more than 500 cycles of charging discharging for several years and keep this capacity for about 2 years.

A lithium battery has very little discharge when not being used, therefore charge the Power Bank and use when you need it.

4000mAh is sufficient to completely recharge mobile phones.

  • Small and easy to carry in your pocket or bag.
  • A premium colbalt 18650 battery is used. Capacity:4000mAh.
  • Input Voltage:5V 1A.
  • Output 5V 1A.
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS & FCC .
  • Size 4.1" x 2.7" x .4" 105mm x 68.3mm x 9.8mm

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