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Hurricane Irma

Multi-Use Power Bank 18000mah

The Power Bank 18000mah has many uses. When natural events like Irma and Harvey wipe out the power - like in Florida and Houston, having a Power Bank 18000mah can create a micro-grid for anything that runs on direct current. It is localized power to keep 12V LED lights on, charge your phone, power your laptop. With a 15V output solar cell to charge, you are power independent. Seems like a no-brainer for power outages. You can also use it jump start your car with a 300 amp boost. The jumper cables are included. It has a multi-function flash light, charge status led's and a zippered carrying case with all the cables.

Use as a dc micro-grid and cut your power bill. Charge with a 15V solar panel or the included ac adapter.

Voltage out plugs

  • 19V/3.5 amps Use for Laptops
  • 12V/10 amps Use for many devices like LED lighting
  • 5V/2 amps iPads and Tablets
  • 5V/1 amp Mobile phones
  • 12V/300 amps Jump Start
Accessories Accessories Included Kit Accessories Included
  • Size: 230*87*28mm, 9.05 x 3.4 x 1.1inches
  • Weight: 650 grams, 1.44pounds
  • Operating Temperature: -20C ~ 60C, -4F ~ 140F
  • Lifetime - Years, more than 1000 cycles


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