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Rotating connectors relieves stress.
C4 Charger Red

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C4 NetFlix Red Charger

Four Bay Charging Station

Got Power? Need a charge?

The C4 universal charger will reduce wire clutter and charge 4 combinations of mobile cell phones and tablets simultaneously.

The C4 Universal Charger will 10 watts are available on each charging bay for fast charging. There is plenty of power for the iPhone 6 and iPads.

The C4 Charger can be configured with your choice of connector tips which are the Apple Lightning, the legacy 30 pin connector dock and the MicroUSB for all other devices.

The docking connectors rotate so that when when you remove p>your mobile device there is less stress on the connector tip.

Rotating connectors

Connectors Rotate

The charge status is monitored and sent from the circuit board via light pipes to blink blue LEDs. Blinking means charging, solid means charging is completed.

Designed and built in Silicon Valley, 2 year warranty.

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