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The Mood Button is wearable communication. Touch the pad on the bottom and RGB LED’s will change the color on the top. The colors are created by programming the micro-controller, therefore they can be any color, fade in and out, add an accelerometer sensor and the button can sparkle as you walk. It uses capacitive touch, a rechargeable lithium battery and RGB LED's. There are many variations and uses.

Autistic children can use it as non-verbal communication to say what they wish they could. In an Autistic classroom both teachers and students can both use it to communicate “talk to me” or “don’t talk to me now”. The button with multiple buttons and colors can teach about relationships. Each color represents a type of relationship.

People who cannot speak can use it to communicate. Imagine being in a hospital bed with your body and mouth full of tubes. The doctor comes in “how are you feeling on a scale of 1 -10”? The color of the button can tell the doctor your state.

Imagine being in a bar or meet-up: Green is “Yes” I want to meet and greet, Red is “Stop Enough”. Use it in your work environment. Red, “I am busy”, Yellow, “Be Brief”, Green, “I am open”. Imagine using it in a restaurant: Green "We desire service", Red "Please don’t interrupt".


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