Mobile Phone Charging Station White_1

Universal Phone Charger White

  • Charge multiple devices at once and reduce wire clutter. 10 watts are available on each charging bay for a fast charge.
  • The back rests are separated so the flap on the Otterbox bottom can fit.
  • The C4 Charging Station White is a versatile mobile phone charger. Build your charger for your mobile devices. Choose your connector tips: MicroUSB for a Galaxy Phone Charger, Lightning for an iPhone Charger, the type C and the legacy 30 pin.
  • The Multi-bay Charging Station has docking connectors which rotate when when you remove your phone or tablet. This provides is less stress on the fragile input connector which besides the screen is the most common repair item.
  • Charge status LED's. Blinking indicate charging. Solid means charging is completed.

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