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Our mobile phones, iPads and tablets need to be charged regularly. Friends come by, your family comes home, your business has multiple cell phones, iPads, and tablets. Having a multibay cell phone charger in your home or business elimates hunting for power cords and is a convenience. New additions to our line are wireless phone chargers for iPhone and Galaxy S4 wireless charging. Use the wireless chargers as stand alone units or plug them into the side USB port located on the left side of all our iChargers.

What does a picture of the San Adreas and La Puente fault have to do with a site devoted to battery charging?

In March a 5.1-magnitude quake, Los Angeles' biggest of the year so far, occurred on the Puente Hills fault, which was only discovered in 1999. The shaking shut down rides at Disneyland.

The example can be extended to Typhoons, Hurricanes, power outages due to snow or simply you have used up the battery run time on your phone.

Hint: What is the most common means of communication we have?

Hint: How do we create and store electricity when the "grid" is unavailable?

Answer: Purpose - Emergency Back up Power = Power Banks & Chargers.

Sustainable Power - Solar Energy Systems.

Read article in Daily Telegraph by Nick Allen.


How to maximum your battery life.

It all starts with the sun.

How much power do our appliances use?

What is wireless charging?

About Lithium Batteries

Fuel Cells

Maximum Power Point Tracking of solar cells

View Charger Construction

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